Gloucester Township Tree Service

Fallen, decaying and rotting trees don’t just look bad on your property. They can also be unsafe for you and visitors, and they can draw fungi and termites and ultimately damage your home. At Express Tree Service, we can take care of your tree problems for you…we’re your solution for Gloucester Township tree service! We’re based just minutes from you in Mount Laurel, and we offer tree services throughout South Jersey, including 24/7 emergency services. Reach out to us anytime for a free tree evaluation.

Our Gloucester Township Tree Services

Our professionals can take on all of your tree challenges at your Gloucester Township home or place of business, including:

Tree Removal. Damaged and old trees can be a potential hazard and can damage your home…take care of the problem now. Our tree removal team will come out to your property and remove the tree quickly, and we’ll clean up the mess afterward. We have a large fleet of trucks, enabling us to provide services quickly, and we can safely and completely remove fallen trees from your property.

Tree Pruning. Let Express Tree Service take care of your overgrown trees…we’ll make them look healthier and less obtrusive. We offer a variety of pruning services, including crown cleaning, crown raising, canopy pruning, understory reduction and more. Our pruning services make your trees and your outdoor space look great, and we get the job done at a fair price.

Stump Grinding. It may be cheaper to leave a stump in the ground after removing a tree, but it may be more costly in the long run. Stumps ultimately become decayed and full of fungi, which affects your other trees. In addition, a stump will attract termites, which can ultimately damage to your home. Let Express Tree fully grind your stump for you…we go much deeper than most tree services, and rid your property of the stump without leaving sink holes.

Land Clearing. If you own a piece of land that you’re looking to develop, call on our land clearing professionals. We have the equipment and know how to remove brush, boulders, stumps, and debris quickly and safely from the land. We’ve worked with real estate developers, private property owners, and property managers, and we can get your land clearing done on time and on budget.

Express Tree Service can take care of all of your tree needs and beautify your outdoor space…let us be your choice for Gloucester Township tree service! Call us today, or request a free tree evaluation here. We’ll get the job done for you at a price you can afford.