Gloucester County Tree Service Company

Express Tree Service is your established choice when you need a Gloucester County tree service company. We offer professional tree services for a variety of tree care needs, both for home and commercial property owners. Our team can take on projects of any size, and are ready to answer your emergencies 24/7 following a storm or heavy wind damage. Whether you need a tree or trees removed, pruned, trimmed or cleared, we’re here to get the job done for you.

Our Gloucester County Tree Company Services

Express Tree Service offers multiple services for Gloucester County property owners, including:

Tree Removal. It’s wise to rid your property of damaged or old trees…as branches fall and trees weaken, they can cause greater damage to your property. Express can remove any size tree from your outdoor space, and we can take care of any storm damage and site cleanup. We’ll evaluate your old or damaged tree or trees, and completely remove them without damaging the property.

Tree Pruning. Don’t let an unsightly overgrown tree disrupt your curb appeal and property value. We can reform a tree of any size through expert pruning, trimming, and shaping. We’ll take care of removing diseased limbs and make your trees beautiful again. A properly trimmed tree can also increase the available light on your property, helping your grass to grow more fully and look better.

Stump Grinding. Many property owners don’t want to incur the cost of stump removal, but it isn’t worth the savings. A stump left in your yard will likely become infested with termites and fungi, and could ultimately cause infestations in a nearby building. Let us handle stump removal in your yard…we can remove a stump of any size, and we fully grind stumps as much as 12 inches below the ground surface to ensure its full disposal.

Land Clearing. If you are overseeing a development project, and need trees, stumps, brush and boulders removed from a plot of land, reach out to us. We use modern equipment and techniques and can get the job done quickly and to your needs. Express Tree Service maintains high standards of land clearing while offering competitive bids.

We are fully insured in the state of New Jersey, and we use our own vehicles and top notch tree removal equipment. We maintain our equipment on our own, to keep you and your property safe.

Let Express Tree get the job done for you and make your lawn safer and more appealing. We are the answer to your search for a Gloucester County tree service company – click here to request an estimate today. We’re ready to improve your outdoor space!

Proudly serving: Deptford | Washington Township