Lumberton Tree Service

If your property has damaged or aging trees in your yard, or if you have overgrown trees that affect its look, it’s time for you to call Express Tree Service…we’re your solution for Lumberton tree service! We offer tree removal, tree pruning, and clearing services throughout Burlington County from our location in Mount Laurel, with professional work at a competitive price. We’re ready for all of your tree service needs, and we’re dedicated to your complete satisfaction with our work.

Have a tree that needs removal immediately? Call us 24/7 at (856) 778-7733.

Our Lumberton Tree Services

Express Tree Service is ready to handle all of your property’s tree care needs, including:

Tree Removal. When you have a tree on your property that has been damaged from a storm or heavy winds, it can be a potential hazard and should be removed as soon as possible. We have a fleet of tree removal trucks and experienced professionals to get the job done quickly and safely for you.

Tree Pruning. Overgrown trees are more than just an eyesore on a property; they prevent grass and plant growth by limiting sunlight. We can prune and trim your overgrown trees and improve the look of your property, while creating more sunlight that will keep your landscape healthy.

Stump Grinding. Many property owners leave stumps in the ground following a tree removal, but this is usually not worth the cost savings in the long run. A stump will attract termites and other pests, which could result in an infestation in your home and structural damage. We can completely grind stumps as deep as 12 inches into the ground and permanently remove them.

Land Clearing. We are your land clearing professionals for development projects; we use modern equipment to remove trees, boulders, brush and much more to enable land development on schedule. We work with contractors to get projects done quickly and safely, and at a fair price.

Express Tree Service is ready to be your Lumberton tree service – get started today by contacting us or by using our online form to request an estimate. We’re looking forward to improving the look and curb appeal of your Lumberton property!