Maple Shade Tree Service

Express Tree Service is your established, professional team when you need Maple Shade tree service! We provide first class services, including tree and stump removal, for home and business owners throughout the Burlington County region. No tree project is too large or too small, and we are ready to handle your needs 24/7 when you need emergency service following a storm. If you need trees trimmed, cleared, or pruned, request an appointment with us today.

Our Tree Services For Maple Shade Residents

We offer a complete list of tree services for home and business owners in Maple Shade, including:

Tree Removal. It’s not a good idea to allow damaged or diseased trees close to your home…they can ultimately cause expensive damage. We can remove any size trees, including following a storm, and we remove all of the debris from your property when the job is complete. We’ll take the time to look at your trees and evaluate their condition, determine the easiest and safest way to remove them, and keep your property safe.

Tree Pruning. When you have an overgrown tree, it becomes unsightly and affects your property’s curb appeal. Let us remove the diseased and dead limbs from your trees and make them beautiful again. With our tree pruning, you can have more light on your lawn and landscape, which in turn helps grass, flowers and plants to grow and look better.

Stump Grinding. Many people leave stumps from removed trees in their yard to save costs, but this can carry a higher cost down the road. A stump can get infested with termites and fungi, which can then spread into your home. We’ll fully remove the stump from your property…we can remove stumps of any size, and we’ll grind your stump as much as 12 inches below the ground surface as needed.

Land Clearing. If you are heading a development project in Maple Shade, let us handle the land clearing for your construction…we’ll efficiently remove the trees, brush, boulders and stumps. We use modern equipment and effective processes, and can get the project done to your specifications. We believe in high standards for land clearing, while still offering competitive bids.

Our team of professionals is fully licensed and insured. We own and maintain all of our vehicles and equipment, to keep you and your property safe.

Whatever tree services you need, we can get it done for you! Reach out to Express Tree Service today or use this form to request a quote. Let us be your solution for Maple Shade tree service – we’re ready to help beautify your outdoor space!