Oaklyn Tree Service

Maintaining healthy trees and clearing away at-risk ones helps prevent landscaping problems, especially during and after severe weather. Express Tree Service is your trusted Oaklyn Tree Service, ready to serve home and business owners throughout the region. We handle everything from seasonal tree care to emergency storm clean-up.

Have a tree emergency? When the storm is over, and it’s safe to go outside, call 856-778-7733 anytime for 24/7 clean-up!

Hire us with confidence: we’re fully licensed and insured to work across New Jersey and rigorously maintain our tools for peak safety and performance. And no third-party rentals with unknown maintenance histories; we own everything we use, including our massive trucks and earth movers!


Start Crossing Off Your “To Do Tree Projects!”

It doesn’t matter if your tree work is budgeted for next month or it’s long overdue; Express is your professional and safe partner for:

  • Tree removal
  • Tree pruning (did you know timing matters?)
  • Stump grinding
  • Land clearing

We’re also the Oaklyn tree service experts who can teach you the advantages of pruning vs. trimming vs. removal.


How Do I Know if I Need Express Tree Service?

Schedule a Free Tree Evaluation!


We’ve Earned Our Reputation!

“All I had to do after they completed the work was spread a little grass seed!”

On-time, hard-working crew surgically removed three of my trees without damaging the surrounding landscape or structures.”

Read more of our customers’ testimonials here!


Make the Smart Money Move; Hire the Right Oaklyn Tree Service

Tree care is good for your property and your budget because it:

  • Adds value: Diseased or misshapen trees negatively affect property value.
  • Creates curb appeal: Dead or damaged trees don’t look good.
  • Keeps people and things safer: You can’t control where a falling tree will land.
  • Lets the sun in: Too much shade means grass and plants don’t grow.
  • Prevents pest infestations: Old stumps draw termites and other unwanted pests too close to home


Are you developing on new land? Before you build…

Here’s what matters when you’re evaluating an Oaklyn tree service to prepare a construction site:

  • They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all services.
  • They’ll clear the land entirely and efficiently to avoid surprises or accidents.
  • You get a competitive bid that cuts trees, not corners.
  • It’s the same quality service regardless of property size.
  • Communication is straightforward and timely.
  • Expectations are based on your needs and vision.


Let Express Be Your Answer For Oaklyn Tree Service!

Bring Express Tree Service to trim, prune, or remove trees from your Oaklyn property and over a dozen other locations. Oh, and we do snow removal, too! Request your free tree evaluation here, or ask for an estimate on tree services here!